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Physiotherapy for kids

What does the pediatric manual therapist?

Not only adults but also children, from birth onwards, can come to our practice. We offer different treatment techniques that are effective for a variety of complaints, such as preferred posture and overstretching.


What is paediatric manual therapy? 
A highly specialised form of manual therapy (fitting within the NVMT's professional competence profile) can be applied to infants who have a persistent impairment in neck function. 

This is also known as high cervical functional disorder (HCFS). 

The two most prominent symptoms here are a preferred rotation of the neck and head and/or overstretching of the neck, both of which are (almost) unbreakable. The persistent nature of the coercive neck position can cause a flattening of the skull, called Deformative Plagiocephaly. Also, the infant generally starts stretching with his whole body shortly after birth. In the past, cranial flattening may have been treated with helmet therapy, but this has been abandoned after advancing insight and research.

The following symptoms may indicate a functional disorder of the neck in infants. The symptoms may present in varying compositions.

  • marked preferred head posture,
  • constant restlessness,
  • an abnormal position of the head,
  • the child overstretches a lot,
  • the child cries a lot and sleeps badly,
  • a flattening of the (back) side of the skull and
    the entire back is often crooked (scoliosis).

If the presence of a functional disorder of the neck is suspected, we always examine your baby at very short notice. If a restriction is found, we can treat your baby immediately if required. After treatment, if necessary, the paediatric manual therapist will also recommend involving a paediatric physiotherapist.

If we do not find any disorders treatable by the paediatric manual therapist, advice or referral to a paediatric physiotherapist or GP will suffice.

Your baby's treatments are covered by the basic health insurance. Would you like to know whether we have a contract with your health insurer? Then take a look at our site under practice rates.

Roel is our paediatric manual therapist. He will complete this specialisation at the end of March 2023.

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Depending on your symptoms, make an appointment with the relevant specialist. When in doubt, consult with Deborah, the assistant in our practice.

For general physical therapy, please see any physical therapist on our team.

Robin van Lieshout

Crafta® Orofascial Physical Therapist

Robin is a general physiotherapist, Orofascial physiotherapist (Crafta®) and practice owner of Zorgpraktijk Flore.

He is also a FLoor® instructor.


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