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Fitness and pregnancy

Zwangerfit® en Mamafit®

Fit before and after delivery

In addition to physical therapy, we also offer several courses for during pregnancy: Zwangerfit® and Floor®. Everyone can join these courses, even if you are not receiving treatment from us.
And for after delivery there is the MamaFit® course.

Zwangerfit® en Floor®

Before giving birth

In the course you will be physically and mentally prepared for childbirth and the first period afterwards. Every week the general condition, stability, coordination and muscle strength are trained so that any complaints during pregnancy can be prevented. In addition, general fitness contributes to a successful delivery and accelerates recovery after childbirth.

Attention is also paid to specific exercises to prepare for childbirth. Think of breathing and relaxation exercises, pelvic floor exercises, birthing positions and pressing techniques. In addition to the training sessions, theory is discussed in a number of sessions (including one partner lesson) and there is ample time to ask questions.

The classes are held in a small personal setting in our practice on Alderweg, where we use a number of cardio machines and other materials.
You can participate from 12 weeks of pregnancy. There is no fixed starting time and no waiting list. After registration we will contact you and discuss when you can and want to start.

Depending on the insurance company and the supplementary insurance there is a reimbursement possible for the ZwangerFit® and Floor® course. Check with your health insurance company.

The trainings take place on

  • Wednesday evening from 18.30 - 19.30 (Floor® class with Robin)
  • Thursday evening from 19.00 - 20.00 (Yvlo lesson with Anne)

Rates Pregnancyfit® and Floor® 
Packet card 10 lessons: €140 (Including partner lesson €180) Packet card 15 lessons € 210 (Including partner lesson €250)

Partner lesson: € 45


For after giving birth

This course is aimed at regaining exercise and fitness after pregnancy in a responsible manner.

It is not only the pregnancy that caused a decline in strength and condition, but you also enter a period of more than 2 years in which your body and especially your pelvic floor is heavily loaded by the much lifting. Poor or no training will cause long-term symptoms.

For a number of weeks, we work hard for an hour a week to get you back to 'top fitness' after childbirth. All muscle groups will be addressed and each week you will notice the progress you make.

The class consists of a warm-up, then the work-out and a cool-down. Each week the exercises get a little heavier and there is regular variation in posture and with material. The pelvic floor muscles are trained both separately and in combination with other exercises.

In addition, any complaints that the participants may have after giving birth are taken into account and the program is adapted individually. The training is suitable for everyone and can be started from six weeks to a year after childbirth. There is no fixed starting time on Thursdays. After registration we will contact you and discuss when you want and can start. 

Depending on your insurance company and supplementary insurance, reimbursement of the MamaFit® course is possible. Check with your health insurance company.

fitness area

The trainings take place on

  • Thursday evenings from 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Anne)

With sufficient applications Marianne will start a group on Monday evenings. This course consists of 7 consecutive lessons in a fixed group and therefore has a fixed start and end time.

Rates Mamafit® 

Packet ticket 10 lessons: €140
Packet ticket 15 lessons € 210

Marianne her course €98


What our clients say

Fine and pleasant staff.


Guided sports with room for customization has helped me a lot to get through my second pregnancy fit after pelvic problems after my first pregnancy. A big advantage for me is that when a complaint increases, there is room to change gear quickly to prevent aggravation.


Anne has been my savior during my pregnancy and after, a huge help with my pelvic pain. And a nice person who puts you at ease.


A very professional practice with real attention, commitment and empathy from the physiotherapists. This together with different specializations ensures that you get the best treatment.


I feel comfortable during the pelvic physiotherapy and also like the fact that I can go to Anne with all my questions.


During my pregnancy I received very good help for my symptoms. The therapists are very skilled and I am very satisfied.


Super nice to exercise adapted and under professional guidance during pregnancy. It's also fun!


MamaFit is a great way for me to start exercising again after my pregnancy. Suitable exercises, different each week with attention to the pelvic floor. Very nice and also very sociable!


Fysiotherapie plus.  Multiple professionals at one address

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