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Pregnancy and physical therapy

Treatment of complaints during pregnancy

Usually, a pregnancy proceeds without any significant symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some women. 

You can come to us with these complaints. Treating pregnant women is our speciality. It is often possible to reduce or even eliminate the complaints.

During pregnancy, all kinds of changes take place in the body that allow a baby to grow in the womb. The centre of gravity changes and with it the posture of the body, and hormones cause the connective tissue to weaken a little. The bladder and intestines get less space as the pregnancy progresses, which can lead to changes in defecation.

Usually, pregnancy proceeds without any significant symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some women. Pelvic pain may occur. This includes lower back pain, pain at the tailbone (read also: tailbone pain), pain in the groin, groin area, hips or low in the abdomen. Pelvic floor pain (tight feeling around vagina/perineum) also falls under pelvic pain. As a result, ordinary daily activities can suddenly become unpleasant to carry out. Examples include walking, standing for long periods, rising after sitting for long periods, performing work or household chores.

Besides pain, there may also be changes in urination (overactive bladder or urinary incontinence), defecation (constipation), lovemaking (pain) or an altered feeling in the pelvic floor (heavy feeling, prolapse symptoms).

For all these problems you can visit the (pelvic) physiotherapist. This is because these complaints are not part of a normal pregnancy and, with the right approach, can be remedied or relieved in most cases.
For many complaints, an early approach also prevents aggravation, so contact us even when in doubt.

Besides our pelvic physiotherapists Anne and Marianne, Robin is also skilled in treating pregnant women with pelvic and/or tailbone pain.

Our team

Depending on your symptoms, make an appointment with the relevant specialist. When in doubt, consult with Deborah, the assistant in our practice.

For general physical therapy, please see any physical therapist on our team.

Anne Dekker

Pelvic Physical Therapist MSc

Anne is Practice Owner and Pelvic Physical Therapist MSc

She also does general physical therapy treatments and is a ZwangerFit® and MamaFit® instructor

Marianne Bleijenberg

Pelvic Physical Therapist MSc

Marianne Bleijenberg works as a registered pelvic physiotherapist.
She still works two days a week in the practice and is a MamaFit® instructor


What our clients say

Anne has been my savior during my pregnancy and after, a huge help with my pelvic pain. And a nice person who puts you at ease.


During my pregnancy I received very good help for my symptoms. The therapists are very skilled and I am very satisfied.


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