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Crafta® orofascial physical therapy

What complaints does the orofascial physical therapist treat

CRAFTA® is an abbreviation for Cranio Facial Therapy Academy. This is a specialized training for treating complaints in the jaw, head, neck and neck region.  It is an internationally recognized treatment method that involves much collaboration with other specialists such as the dentist, ENT doctor, orthodontist, general practitioner, speech therapist, neurologist and oral surgeon.

Jaw physiotherapy consists, on the one hand, of manual techniques in the previously mentioned regions and, on the other hand, of a guidance program. The content of this program can focus on movement during daily life, lifestyle changes and/or pain management.

Complaints in the jaw, head, neck and neck region can be quite diverse. Summarized below are the most common complaints.

  • Pain in the jaw region, chewing disorders, snapping or ticking jaw, difficulty opening the mouth or limited mouth opening.
  • Teeth grinding, clenching, disorders in contact between teeth (Malocclusion).
  • Headaches or migraines.
  • Growth disorders and/or asymmetrical development.
  • Problems with eye movements and/or coordination of the eye with or without eye pain.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Dizziness symptoms and/or balance disorders.
  • Facial pain and/or facial paralysis.
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For more information about jaw physiotherapy, you can also visit the CRAFTA® site.

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Depending on your symptoms, make an appointment with the relevant specialist. When in doubt, consult with Deborah, the assistant in our practice.

For general physical therapy, please see any physical therapist on our team.

Robin van Lieshout

Crafta® Orofascial Physical Therapist

Robin is a general physiotherapist, Orofascial physiotherapist (Crafta®) and practice owner of Zorgpraktijk Flore.

He is also a FLoor® instructor.


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