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Manual therapy

What complaints does a manual therapist treat?

Manual therapy is a recognised master-level specialisation within physiotherapy. The manual therapist treats complaints related to the spine, such as neck and back pain.

Manual therapists specialise in examining and treating patients with complaints of the spine and joints in arms and legs. They look at the way people move and make the joints work better. As a result, they move (again) smoothly and pain decreases. After studying physiotherapy, manual therapists have completed a three-year advanced training programme for manual therapist at master level.

Complaints the manual therapist treats are:

  • Head and neck pain (often in combination with a stiff upper back)
  • Neck pain (whether or not radiating into the arm)
  • Complaints high up in the back with rib and chest pain
  • Hip pain
  • Low back pain (even if radiating to the leg)
  • Dizziness that comes from moving the neck
  • Shoulder pain (sometimes in combination with neck pain)
  • Pain and stiffness in the shoulder (Frozen shoulder)
  • Tennis elbow

Our team

Depending on your symptoms, make an appointment with the relevant specialist. When in doubt, consult with Deborah, the assistant in our practice.

For general physical therapy, please see any physical therapist on our team.

Roel Steenbergen

Manual Therapist MSc

Roel is a (children)manual therapist MSc and general physical therapist.
He has also specialized in treating people with Parkinson's disease and COPD.


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