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Fees at a glance

in 2023

Physical therapy care reimbursed from supplementary insurance is not subject to mandatory deductible.
Reimbursement of physiotherapy from the basic insurance is limited.

Insured persons with a condition on the chronic list are reimbursed from the 21st treatment. They must pay for the first 20 treatments from the Supplementary Insurance or bear these costs themselves. The obligation to pay for the first 20 treatments themselves is a one-off and therefore does not recur every year. Exceptions are conditions whose treatment is time-limited.

For insured persons younger than 18, the chronic list also applies, but they do not have to pay the first 20 sessions themselves. In addition, young people are entitled to reimbursement of 9 treatments (and possibly 9 more if treatment does not help sufficiently) from the basic insurance. This applies per indication.

In addition, for adults reimbursement is possible for the first 9 treatments of physiotherapy in connection with urinary incontinence. This concerns pelvic floor training by a trained physiotherapist. Check with the physiotherapist and/or health insurance company whether the treatment by the physiotherapist in question is reimbursed under the basic insurance.

In 2023, we do not have a contract with the following insurers:

  • Eno (incl. Salland, Hollandzorg and Salland ZorgDirect)
  • Zorg en Zekerheid (incl AZVZ)
  • Caresq (incl Aevitae and Iptiq)
  • Menzis (incl Anderzorg, PMA, Azivo, Hema and Vink Vink)

Are you insured with one of the mentioned insurers then you have to submit the invoice to them yourself.

Contracted insurers are: DSW, ONVZ, ASR, Achmea, VGZ, CZ

The rates below apply when you receive physiotherapeutic care which:

  • Is not supplementary insured by you.
  • Insured with an insurer with whom we have no contract.
Practice rates


€ 40,00

Session for pelvic physical therapy

€ 52,50

Session for manual therappy

€ 52,50

Long session for multiple care issues

€ 52,50


€ 18,00

Intake and research after screening

€ 52,50

Intake and research after doctor's referral

€ 52,50

One-time physical therapy consultation

€ 52,50

Surcharge for home treatment

€ 20,00

Andullatietherapie 15 à 20 minutes

€ 15,00

Bandages and aids provided


Straightforward reporting

€ 50,00

More complicated time-consuming reports

€ 80,00

Failed appointment (not cancelled within 24 hours)


All our fees are subject to our terms and conditions.
These are available for inspection in the practice.

You remain responsible at all times for payment of the treatment.

Fysiotherapie plus.  Multiple professionals at one address

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